Current Offers

Product: Sulzer Weaving Looms

Model: Pu and Tw 11 390 cm

Sulzer Weaving Looms with Tappet 390 cm and 330 cm 

Product: Circular Knitting

Model: ORZIO CMOAN 14” – 20”and 18gg , 28-40 Feeders ; Year 2003

ORZIO CMOAN Circular knitting machines  14" - 228-40 Feeders and 18 GG  28-40 Feeders

Product: Texturizing BARMAG

Model: BARMAG FK 6M-900 TYP 1994 YEARS

BARMAG FK 6M 900 TYP 1994

Product: Karl Mayer Tricot

Model: Warp Knitting HKS 2-1


Product: Label Looms

Model: MVC Label Looms Muller MVC2 200 SPE2 Woven Label Looms (Year 2001-2004)

7 X Muller MVC 2 200 spe2 woven Label Loom Year 2001-2004

Product: Socks Knitting

Model: Socks Knitting Machines Machine detail Cylinder : 3

We can supply Socks knitting machines for Legging ,cotton / terry and in various needle count

Product: Polyester Fiber & Yarn

Model: Polyamide(PA)fiber Polypropylene(PP)fiber Polyester fiber PVA fiber polyacrylonitrile ( PAN)fiber Nylon yarn Spandex yarn Polyester yarn Blended yarn

We can supply Polyester Fiber , PVA fiber , Polypropylene Fiber, Polyamide Fiber, Nylon Yarn, Spandax Yarn , Polyester Yarn , Blended Yarn

Product: Rieter Open End Machines

Model: Rieter Open End machines: 5 RIETER R923 OPEN END MACHINE year 2010-2012 360 rotors 33 rotor dia. Open End Machines: 6 Schlafhorst–Saurer BD448 year 2012 384 Rotors each machine Rotor dia 34mm Combing Roller wire OK40 Corolab yarn clearer Sem

Rieter Open End Machines R 923 YOC 210 -2012 360 Rotors Also avilable Schlafhorst Saurer BD 448 Year 2011